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Inspiring, successful leadership needs to be agile and open hearted

Did you know a  Cheetah will run its heart out for 19 seconds? For that brief time it is the fastest animal on earth. Running for any longer would cause long term damage, but the Cheetah has an internal trip switch. A Cheetah has evolved to know exactly how long it can perform at its peak. And how to make that performance sustainable.

Open Hearted Leadership is about knowing how to get the best out of yourself, your team, your business and the planet – how much to ask and how much to give back

What do I stand for?    How can I stand up and stand out?


Outstanding.Global will help you ask:

Who am I?    What is my purpose?    What is my vision for myself, others, my business, the world?

We specialise in leadership development, inspiring inclusive thinking through immersive workshops and one-to-one leadership coaching.

Everything we offer is tailored to meet the specific challenges of your organisation. We deliver everything from full 2-day workshops to short lunchtime sessions. Our current workshop themes include:

Sustainable Leadership  how to become  a sustainability  champion, enthusing  and engaging others across your business

Breaking the Glass – how to smash expectations, your own and others’, as a woman in business

The Expert Experience  – how to recognise your own expertise and exploit your full potential

Your workshop will truly reflect who you are as a business. To discuss how we can help please get in contact. And why not check out some of our testimonials below.


At Outstanding.Global, we know that the power of inclusive, open hearted leadership has been deeply underestimated. Inclusivity isn’t about quotas or political correctness. It’s about adopting a mindset that promotes excellence across every facet of your organisation:

  • A more open hearted approach to oneself  improves well-being, enhancing productivity and retention.
  • A more open hearted approach to others creates an inclusive culture, facilitating teamwork, setting the stage for a more diverse workforce and enabling everyone to achieve their full potential.
  • A more open hearted approach to ideas enhances creativity, leading to growth and innovation.


Nigel has a profound zeal for life and desire to create a better world one person, one team and one organisation at a time. He’s a terrific a role-model having founded and led many diverse organisations focussed on social change across the globe. Where Nigel strides confidently forwards others can too. He has the talent, tools and tenacity to inspire a greater level of consciousness and ‘can-do’ attitude in every individual he interacts with’

Janet has authored and championed a great personal development process for the team…and helped us navigate through many tricky internal issues. It is rare that an internal partnership works so effectively and in my view this is largely down to Janet’
Sanah’s sincerity and discipline to excellence is commendable. She values individuality in others while maintaining her own strong persona.’

Laura has a talent for connecting with people. She is generous with her time and talent to people around her and always ready to give of herself’

Tom’s workshop was very thought provoking and ignited ideas on how we can build trust in our customer interactions’

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