Outstanding.Global provides worldwide personal and professional developmentinclusive inspiration, the chance to question and grow.

However successful we are, we all live in a world of labels and limits.

Who should I be? How do others see me? How can I change myself to fit in?

Most of us will recognise these. But do we really all want to be the SAME?


Outstanding.Global will help you ask:

Who am I? What makes me extraordinary? How can I stand up and stand out?

Inclusivity begins with you. Then it reaches out to others. We’ll help you to help yourself, then to nurture a community where everyone can ask these questions and feel free to be themselves, no matter what the answers.

We all have DIVERSITY IN COMMON. Stand up for others. Stand out for yourself.


If you are oppressed how can you be outstanding?

If you cannot let your own light shine how can you illuminate the path for others?

In September 2018 India’s section 377 – the law making homosexuality illegal – was repealed again. Company Director Nigel Hughes, who has a long-standing working relationship with India businesses, offered support to those who wanted to COME OUT and COME HOME. He set up Outstanding.Global as a conduit for liberation and to make a stand for never again imposing a limit and caging our sexuality.

Outstanding.Global is all about changing minds, worldwide. We believe in the power of words, performance, and film to effect this change. Check out our creative-in-residence Ric Edelman and his latest project, the fierce and soulful campaign film Cheetah. Ric’s standing up for the endangered Iranian Cheetah.

What will you stand up for?


Please join us. This is just the beginning of a new adventure.

Contact Nigel Hughes at info@outstanding.global 

Limited Company Number: 11769420